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RAWV Members have access to two Tenant Screening Companies: Global Verification Network (Formerly MOCO Inc.) and National Tenant Network.

National Tenant Network

Click Here to learn about National Tenant Network, or contact our local representative Marcia Gohman (, and tell her YOU ARE a member of the Rental Association of Wenatchee. The opportunity to use this service is afforded our RAWV members because you are also a member of the Washington Landlord Association.  

Global Verification Network

Global Verification Network (MOCO) has a product called “” that offers the Applicant to pay for and perform the screening themselves, and this product is reusable, so if you deny them, they can take this screening to another landlord (good for 30 days). Global Verification also offers traditional screening to landlords with more than 30 units, after pre-registering with their team. CLICK HERE to access Global Verification Network website to sign up as a new client, or login to your account. 


Prior to obtaining any information about a prospective tenant, the landlord must first notify the prospective tenant in writing, or by posting of: 

  • What types of information will be accessed to conduct the tenant screening; 
  • What criteria may result in a denial of the application; and 
  • If a consumer report is used, the name and address of the consumer reporting agency and the prospective tenant’s right to obtain a free copy of the consumer report in the event of a denial or other adverse action, and to dispute the accuracy of information appearing in the consumer report.”

RAWV has developed a Sample Criteria form for members to use or modify, and MOCO has a Sample Criteria document you can review and use to build your own Criteria. Click the following links:
Sample Criteria – Form #13
MOCO – Landlord Considerations

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