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In Washington State, RCW 59.18 is the law informing Landlords and Tenants about their responsibilities and the remedies when one or the other fails to meet those responsibilities.

In 2021 the legislature passed several laws that substantially changed the law. Changes to our RAWV forms are underway, and information is emailed to our members when available. If you are not receiving our emailed updates, contact

Click here to read the current RCW 59.18 –

Pay particular attention to these new sections:

RCW 59.18.625 – Late fees, charges for nonpayment of rent due between March 1, 2020, and six months after eviction moratorium expiration—Violations—Penalties.

RCW 59.18.650
Eviction of tenant, refusal to continue tenancy, end of periodic tenancy—Cause—Notice—Penalties. – The “Just Cause” forbids landlords from ending most tenancies. Smart landlords will now require fixed-term leases because the new law forbids landlords from terminating month-to-month agreements.

RAWV Association Attorney, Rani Sampson, re-worked this to be easier to read for the common person — Click below:

See more information about Legislative Updates and the bills we are following:

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