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It is extremely important for all landlords to become very familiar with Fair Housing Laws. Discrimination lawsuits can be avoided by understanding the law and using a detailed and well-documented tenant selection system that applies the same criteria to each applicant. Use a phone log to date and document names and conversations of those calling about your unit. Treat every applicant fairly and equally and follow the policy of accepting the first qualified applicant.


  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Familial Status
  • Handicap
  • National Origin

Familiarize yourself with Fair Housing Law

Landlord Tenant Liaison Program

The Wenatchee Valley Landlord Tenant Liaison Program (WV-LTL) is part of the City of Wenatchee’s Ten-Year Plan to end homelessness. Since Chelan and Douglas counties are unable to build enough new rental properties to address our housing shortage, we are partnering with private landlords in our community to rent to our most vulnerable clients.  The WV-LTL is looking for private landlords who are willing to rent to households who have rental barriers such as past eviction, criminal background or bad credit, often due to circumstances not within their control.

Women’s Resource Center

HUD Information

Fair Market Rents

Guide to Disability and
Washington State
Nondiscrimination Laws

Resource Library from Northwest Fair Housing Alliance


101 Frequently Asked Questions for Property Owners and Managers

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