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Bills we are following – 2022 Legislative Session

HB 1904 – 2021-22

Allowing Tenants to Break Lease After Rent Increase

Requires among other things: housing providers to give between 180 and 220 days notice for all rent increases over 3% , requires housing providers to inform the tenant when they receive the notice of rent increase that they may terminate the tenancy at any time and cannot be held liable for rent after vacating. Removes the 20 days notice requirement for a tenant to terminate a tenancy if a rent increase notice of 3% or more is given. … and more.
{destroys our contractual agreements}


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HB 1300 – 2021-22

Security Deposit Documentation

2)(a) Not more than 30 days and not less than 14 days before the termination of the rental agreement, or at such other time as may be agreed to by the landlord and the tenant, a tenant may submit a written request to the landlord for a walkthrough of the premises. Upon receipt of the request, the landlord shall make arrangements with the tenant to schedule the walkthrough to occur prior to the end of the tenancy. {damages are more visible when the unit is vacant….}


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HB 2023 – 2021-22

Relating to Streamlining Enforcement of Tenant Protections

by adding a new section to chapter 59.18 RCW; adding a new section to chapter 59.20 RCW; adding a new chapter to Title 59 RCW and repealing RCW 59.18.080 and 59.20.240 which both state that  “The tenant shall be current in the payment of rent including all utilities which the tenant has agreed in the rental agreement to pay before exercising any of the remedies accorded him or her under the provisions of this chapter: PROVIDED, That this section shall not be construed as limiting the tenant’s civil remedies for negligent or intentional damages: PROVIDED FURTHER, That this section shall not be construed as limiting the tenant’s right in an unlawful detainer proceeding to raise the defense that there is no rent due and owing.”


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HB 2017 – 2021-22

Criminal History Screening Ban

This wording is from the bill: 3) Therefore, the legislature intends to address housing discrimination against people impacted by the criminal legal system. Restricting the use of a conviction history as a reason to deny housing will reduce the harmful impacts that result in high rates of homelessness and housing insecurity among formerly incarcerated individuals …

{Actions have consequences. How do we protect our tenants, neighborhoods and housing?}


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HB 1100 – 2021-22

Sale of Manufactured Housing – Community Owners’ Must Give Right of First Refusal:

Under the Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act (MHLTA), within 14 days after the date on which any advertisement, multiple listing, or public notice advertises that a manufactured/mobile home community (MHC) is for sale, a landlord must provide a written
notice of sale of an MHC by certified mail or personal delivery to: each tenant in the MHC;•
the officers of any known qualified tenant organization, defined as a formal organization of tenants within a manufactured/mobile home community, with the only requirement for membership consisting of being a tenant; (and more) {What about private property rights?}
{destroys our contractual agreements}


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SB 5576 – 2021-22

Technical Changes to 14 Day Pay or Vacate

The bill goes beyond “technical changes”


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SB 5909 – 2021-22


Concerning legislative oversight of gubernatorial powers concerning emergency proclamations and unanticipated receipts

Here’s a portion of the bill: “If the legislature is not in session and it has been more than 90 days since the state of emergency was declared by the governor, termination of the state of emergency in writing by all four members of the leadership of the senate and the house of representatives”.

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During Legislative session we often request members contact their legislators to offer support or oppose laws going through the legislature.

Here is the information for contacting legislators in our local districts:

12th District

Senator Brad Hawkins
Click to email
(360) 786-7622

Representative Keith Goehner
Click to email to
(509) 669-7338

Representative Mike Steele
Click to email
(800) 562-6000 or (360) 786-7832

13th District

Senator Judy Warnick
Click to email
(360) 786-7624

Representative Tom Dent
Click to email
(360) 786-7932

Representative Alex Ybarra
Click to email
(360) 786-7808

Congressional District 8 – Kim Schrier

CLICK HERE for City Of Wenatchee Council Members

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