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ERPP is designed to reduce the number of unlawful detainer actions for nonpayment of rent that would otherwise be filed in superior court after the end of the eviction moratorium created in response to impacts from global Covid-19 pandemic. This is accomplished by leveraging the history, skills and experience of dispute resolution centers, along with federal and state coronavirus relief funds distributed via rental assistance organizations, as well as through additional tenant protections and eviction defenses that increase opportunities for impactful legal representation for indigent tenants.

Effective ERPP implementation requires deep coordination and support among the DRCs, rental assistance agencies and civil legal aid services, along with deep working relationships with the judicial officers and staff members within the local superior court. Tenants, landlords and their attorneys are understandably anxious, confused and concerned about embracing a new civil legal access and judicial process diversion program during a period of historic uncertainty.

Below are links to website and documents with more information for landlords. If you find a document is password protected, and you are not a member in good standing of the Rental Association of Wenatchee Valley, you can find more information about joining here

Excerpt from Wenatchee Valley DRC (serving Chelan & Douglas counties) Eviction Resolution Program Guide:

Notice Delivery:  

For greatest efficiency in processing cases, each notice instance shall be sent in a separate EMAIL to: No batch notices will be accepted, and landlords with multiple tenants are encouraged to prioritize appropriately for their needs.

In extenuating circumstances, alternative methods of sending notice to DRC are available upon request.  Please call 509-888-0957 to speak with Executive Director.

ERPP Notice required:  

Under RCW 59.18.660 (3) an ERPP case may only be commenced by the landlord serving the tenant a complete and accurate ERPP Information and Resource Notice (ERPP Notice) and a Notice to Pay or Vacate, with both the ERPP Notice and the Notice to Pay or Vacate sent to the DRC when served on the tenant. RCW 59.18.660(4)

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The Notice must contain complete contact information for the tenant, including the property address, phone number and email address. If the landlord does not have complete contact information, the reason should be indicated on the Notice or in writing.

The Notice must also contain complete contact information for the landlord (Name, Service Address, Phone, Email) and the landlord’s lawyer, if any.

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Chelan Douglas Community Action Council 

(509) 662-6156 



Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center 

(509) 888-0957 



Chelan Douglas County Volunteer Attorney Services 

(509) 663-2778 

Fillable notice forms in multiple languages can be found at

Contact Info for ERPP:

Chelan/Douglas County is served by

Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP) Guide

This document is from Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center with details for Chelan County & Douglas County
This program guide supports the eviction resolution pilot program (ERPP) delivered by the chapter 7.75 Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) serving Chelan County & Douglas County, Wenatchee Valley DRC.


Instructions and Timelines for ERPP (Chelan and Douglas County)

ERPP-Guide for Courts
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