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Washington Landlord Association

Rental Association of Wenatchee Valley Members' dues include a donation to Washington Landlord Association (Formerly called the WAA/WROA) also called the Washington Rental Owners Association (WROA) to go toward lobby efforts on behalf of landlords.

WLA is one of the largest Landlord Associations in the State of Washington and is the ONLY Landlord Association that TRULY represents the entire state.

Don't let one city decide the course of our industry statewide!

WLA has been serving the needs of Washington State landlords for over 50 years.

WLA is the only statewide landlord assocaition that has a full time lobbyist in Olympia.

WLA Is the only statewide landlords association that has an office on Capitol Hill.

Visit their website:

Your political action representatives:
Attorney at Law
Chester Baldwin
Public Affairs of Washington, LLC
Work: (360) 688-4588

Mark Gjurasic
PMB 398
3403 Steamboat Island Rd NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Cell: (360) 481-6000
Fax: (360) 793-7389
Session: (360) 705-0113
Session Fax: (360) 754-8823
Home: (360) 481-6000


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