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The Application / Lease Signing Process

Content in this publication/website is provided for general information only. It is distributed with the understanding that is does not constitute legal, accounting, or other professional advice. While it is the intent for the forms and publications to provide current and accurate material, neither the Rental Association of Wenatchee Valley nor any party will assume liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on content of this form or publication. The law is not clearcut, but is subject to interpretation. Formal legal advice and review is recommended prior to selection and & use of any provided form.

RAWV does not represent your selection or execution of any form as appropriate for your specific circumstances. Landlord and tenant are each advised to seek independent legal advice on matters arising from use of any form. These forms are for use by Rental Association of Wenatchee Valley members only. No representation is made as to the sufficiency or tax consequences from use of any form. If the applicant or tenant signs anything, they need a copy of it!


The Application / Lease Signing Process

Rental Criteria (Click here for Form #13)
All landlords should have a signed, dated criteria with which they use to choose all of their tenants.

Rental Criteria Sample Form (Click here for Form #13A)

Application for Tenancy (Click here for Form #7)
An application should be collected from all adult residents of the property over the age of 18, so that they can be screened. You should check a photo ID of all applicants to verify identity. Click Here for the Juvenile (Criminal Only) Screening Application

Screening Disclosure Notice and Receipt of Application Fee (Click here for Form # 27)
Any time you collect money from the applicant, they must receive a receipt. If you call an applicants places of employment or previous landlord and they request proof of permission to request information from the applicant, this form will be faxed. New privacy laws require landlord to use this form. Do not send a copy of the application to employers or previous landlords. This information is confidential. You should store this in locked file and not share info with others except credit/criminal screening company.

1-Day Notice to Enter (Click here for Form #24)
RCW 59.18.15. - Landlord must give tenant one day notice to enter to show property for rent or for sale. This right extends only to the time of day that is reasonable for tenant.

1-Day Notice to Enter with Notice of Violation Attached
(Click here for Form #25)

Notice of Violation/Denial of Entry (Click here for Form # 53)
RCW 59.18.150 - If tenant unreasonably withholds consent to enter, the landlord use this notice and collect up to $100.00 for the violation, see RCW for details

Co-signer Agreement (Click here for Form #5)
Used during application process if landlord determines that they will accept applicant only if they have another qualified person promise to pay in the event applicant cannot. The co-signer should have his credit screened as you would any other applicant. If this is determined, you should also use Denial of Application/Adverse Action Letter, Form #12

Denial of Application/Adverse Action Letter (Click here for Form #12)
This form must be sent to any applicants that you are taking adverse action on based even on a “small part” of their consumer report (which may include credit report and any source that relies on information from a tenant’s rental history or credit report). Examples of adverse action: you have rejected the applicant, you have required an increased deposit not required of other tenants, you have required a last month’s rent when not required of other tenants. Have required a co-signer when not required of other tenants, or you have required an increased monthly rent when not required of other tenants. To protect yourself, you may wish to obtain proof of mailing of this important document.

Prospect Verification Worksheet & Screening Summary
(Click here for Form #26)

Used as screening tool for landlord. Ensures that you treat all applicants the same. Keep form with notes in your file for every applicant.

Question Sheet for checking Current and Past Landlord References
(Click here for Form #39)

This form is used to document screening for each applicant. Also gives question to ask landlords to ensure you do a thorough job, Keep on file.

Holding Fee (Click here for Form #8)
Used as a receipt for monies received to hold property after applicant has been qualified and unit offered by landlord.

Summary of Funds Received and Amounts Still Due (Click here for Form #33)
Use this form after you have received holding fee. It is self explanatory, and reminds tenant to bring money, proof of utilities and proof of insurance if required before move in.

Month to Month Rental Agreement (Click here for Form #2) - NOW FILLABLE
This agreement is to be used when the landlord does not desire to have tenants sign a fixed term agreement. Because this is a “generic” form, property managers are encouraged to create their own supplementary rules and regulations for each property.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure and/or Lead Based Paint Hazards
(Click here for Form #1A)

With few exceptions, this document must be provided to all tenants before they enter into a rental agreement if the properties were built before 1978.

Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home Booklet (Click here for Form 1B)
For all pre-1978 buildings or homes, Must be given to all tenants before they move in.

Smoke Detection Device and/Fire Safety and Protection Information Notice
(Form #50)

Owners and managers must disclosure certain information regarding fire safety at the time a lease is signed.

Inventory Inspection and Checklist
(Click here for Form 14, Condensed Version
Click here for 14A, a long version)

If you have collected a security or damage deposit from a tenant, you must complete this form, obtain the tenant’s signature and provide the tenant a copy. You will not be able to retain any damages unless you have this form signed and on file. Includes the hot water tank release that is mandatory for all rentals. Make sure to check water temperature with thermometer.

Mold and Mildew Addendum (Click here for Form #21)
Required for every rental regarding preventing mold, and notifying landlord if they are unable to get rid of mold

Mold Handout (Click here for Form #21A)
You must provide tenants with information provided or approved by the department of health about the health hazards associated with exposure to indoor mold. Information may be provided in written format individually to each tenant, or may be posted in a visible, public location at the dwelling unit property. The information must detail how tenants can control mold growth in their dwelling units to minimize the health risks associated with indoor mold. The information must be provided by the landlord to new tenants at the time the lease or rental agreement is signed, and must be provided to current tenants no later than January 1, 2006, or must be posted in a visible, public location at the dwelling unit property beginning the effective date of this act (July 24, 2005).

Forms Not Required But Recommended

MOCO Inc., Information Source Fax Cover (Form #52)
Use to send applications for screening. Previous account setup required

Rules of Occupancy (Click here for Form #22)
Rules that are in addition to those on the month to month agreement

Pet Agreement and Deposit Addendum (Click here for Form #9)
This form contains sample rules to use for pets. You may have different rules you may wish to add. It is especially important to identify all pets by breed, name and weight. Note: service animals are not pets as defined in law.

Crime Free Housing Program Addendum (Click here for Form #31)
Rules that detail specific criminal activity.

Move Out Charges (Click here for Form #32)
Gives potential charges for damages to encourage tenants to take good care of property

Lawn Maintenance and Repair (Click here for Form #28)
Discusses lawn care in more detail than month-to-month agreement and add clause that Landlord will retain a professional yard service and charge Tenants as additional rent if lawn is not properly cared for.

Air-conditioning Unit Instructions and Agreement (Click here for Form #16)
Details specifics regarding temperature settings and expected response of Air Conditioner

Septic /Sewer System Agreement (Click here for Form # 37)
Explains proper use of septic system. Shows tenant responsiblity for charges caused by their failure to comply.

Military Clause Addendum (Click here for Form #34)
Military men and women are a protected class. See RCW 59.18.220. This agreement makes it clear what can be expected in the event that Tenant is called to duty.

Garage Addendum (Click here for Form #43)
Can use if storage building or garage is not included with a specific unit

Cable/Satellite Dish Installation Permission (Click here for Form #45)
self explanatory

Co-Tenant Agreement (Click here for Form #23)
To be used if new roommate added to existing agreement. You can also have them sign and date original agreement along with this form.

Co-Tenant Damage, Cleaning, Security Deposit and Fees Addendum,
(Form #10)

Describes disposition of damage deposit at the conclusion of tenancy

Notice of Termination of Co-Tenancy (Click here for Form #40)
If room mate gives notice, explains that deposit stays with remaining roommates and that departing room mate will not have a claim to any refund.

Required and Recommended Forms for:
- The Application / Lease Signing Process
- Issues Arising During a Tenancy/Notices
- Defaults Under the Lease and Eviction Process
- Issues Arising at the Conclusion of a Tenancy

The Rental Association of Wenatchee Valley recommends that you consult your attorney prior to selection and use of provided forms. RAWV does not represent or guarantee your selection or execution of this form as appropriate for your specific circumstances. For use of current RAWV members only. No representation is made as to the sufficiency or tax consequences of this form.

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